Saturday, April 30, 2016

Episode 4 - Fan Theories

  1. Catching up
    1. Deacon Andrew's Priestly ordination exactly 3 weeks away
  2. News
    1. Rouge One Trailer thoughts
    2. May 3 - Star Wars: Bloodline release date
    3. Aftermath: Life Debt release this summer
    1. Rey
      1. Luke’s Daughter
      2. Han & Leia’s Daughter
        1. This would parallel the Legends Universe
      3. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Daughter/Descendent
      4. Unknown
        1. Or perhaps she is not the daughter of anybody we know, making her truly a new character.  A hero’s journey for someone completely new.
    2. Han’s demise
      1. Han didn’t want his son to commit such a dark sin that he killed himself.
    3. Han’s not dead
      1. This one seems to be highly unlikely, especially after watching the Documentary.  The emotional weight needed by the death of Han is too important to the story.  (even if Darth Maul actually survived his split in two by a lightsaber and thrown down the shaft in Episode 1 and he comes back in The Clone Wars and Rebels).  Plus Starkiller Base explodes after Han falls down an endless abyss.
    4. Snoke
      1. Also, perhaps he’s really small.
      1. Finn is Lando Calrissian’s Son
      2. Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker
      3. Jar Jar is Supreme Leader Snoke
      4. General Hux is Luke’s Son
      5. Music between Rey/Ren/Palpatine
      6. Dies Irae in movies
  3. Memes
  4. Mashups
    1. Calvin and Hobbes & Star Wars
    3. Inside Out
    4. Inside Out Emotions react to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer
  5. Coming up!
    1. Denver Comic-Con...unfortunately without Carrie Fisher
    2. Star Wars Celebration Europe (hope to podcast live while streaming the Convention)

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