Saturday, January 9, 2016

Episode 1 - The Podcast Awakens

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Show Notes for Episode 1:
  • Topic of this show, The Force Awakens.
  • Best Reveal?
    • Millennium Falcon? (“The garbage will do.”)
    • Han and Chewie boarding the Falcon?
    • Kylo as Han and Leia’s Son?
    • Kylo Ren’s face?
    • Ben Solo as birthname?
    • Luke Skywalker at the end?
  • Parallels/callbacks to A New Hope
    • Desert Planet
    • Droid on a mission
    • Planet/moon super weapon with a small but possible chance to be destroyed, which is exploited
    • Maz’s pirate base = Mos Eisely Cantina
    • Dejarik board
    • Lightsaber training ball
  • What made this movie work?
    • Practical Effects (BB-8, Aliens in costume/puppets)
    • Not giving us the whole story (lot’s of unexplained references like in A New Hope)
      • No substantial explanation to the rise of the First Order/Resistance and what happened
      • Gives viewers the impression that this story is only one part of an already established universe
  • Legendary (get it?) Inspirations
    • New Republic forces against the remnants of the Empire
    • Han and Leia’s Son turning dark (Legacy of the Force)
      • Jacen Solo > Darth Caedus sacrificing Mara Jade Skywalker to assume the mantle of Sith Lord
      • Ben Solo > Kylo Ren sacrificing Han Solo to complete his descent to the darkness.
    • Planet Weapon that destroys a Sun (Suncrusher - Jedi Academy Trilogy)
    • Luke’s first lightsaber found and passed on - to Mara Jade (
    • Han and Leia separate.
  • Rey
    • The Scavenger
  • Finn
    • Finn is naive in a funny and good way, not in an annoying way.
  • Poe Dameron
  • BB-8
  • Kylo Ren
  • Supreme Leader Snoke
    • Darth Plageus
    • Some crazy fan theory its Vader.
  • Hans Demise
    • Relationship with Leia
    • Married?  I hope so.
  • Planet as a Death Star?
  • Journey to find Luke
  • Who is Rey?
    • Luke’s daughter?
      • Lightsaber legacy (Anakin, Luke, Rey…)
      • Naturally strong in the Force
    • Han and Leia’s daughter?
      • Natural piloting ability of the Millennium Falcon
      • Han is a “fatherly figure” she never had
    • A third party?
    • Notice when Maz asks Han “Who’s the girl?” the scene cuts to Finn and we don’t hear his answer.  Perhaps he actually knows who she is and we don’t get to hear it.
    • Also notice Kylo Ren’s particular obsession with “the girl.’  Perhaps he knows who she truly is as well.
  • Final Thoughts
  • Wrap up
    • Next episode topic announced, Possibly talking about the Legends universe as a general idea, and disney making a canon.

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